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Red Spear LLC was formed by Roger Cooper and Adam Weinstock as a Theatrical Production company.

Its primary purpose is, but not limited to Producing, Creating, Investing and Enhancing theatre, film, television, and other entertainment media in New York and Beyond.


Red Spear and its creators Roger Cooper and Adam Weinstock through impactful bold thinking, traditional wisdom and confident adventurous creativity, can assert being involved in over a hundred-plus productions.

Red Spear Productions has earned nearly Two Dozen Tony Nominations and Nine Olivier Nominations!


Past Productions

Past Productions

In Production

Other Projects


Adam Weinstock


Adam Weinstock is an accomplished producer, creator, educator, incubator, improviser, actor and director.


Roger Cooper


Roger J. Cooper Co-Owner of Red Spear Productions LLC is also Treasurer of Emerging Artists Theatre and Producer Living Room Theatre. 

Meet the Owners

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